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Unfortunately due to a pause in government funding, we are temporarily unable to provide no cost testing to our uninsured patients. We hope this situation will be resolved soon. We will continue to offer No Out-of-pocket cost testing to our insured patients. While we await additional government funding for the uninsured program we are currently offering rapid testing for a discounted rate to our uninsured clients of $56. This is discounted from our normal cash pay price of $190 for rapid antigen testing.


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Key Facts

COVID-19 Testing

YesNoCovidTest is offering drive-up SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) testing to cover viral detection by COVID-19 RNA testing and antibody tests for Ieg and IgM. Effectively covering the full spectrum of COVID-19 infectious disease progression is crucial in identifying affected individuals at different stages of a possible exposure. Have questions, you can contact us or view our FAQ page for more information.

COVID-19 Testing

Taking our test will confirm if you are currently infected by COVID-19 or if you have gig antibodies.


With a 98% accuracy rate, you can have confidence that you have actually tested negative.

Quick Results

Results certificate with official lab results is provided after 15 minutes for Rapid antigen and antibodies tests. PCR Test result times may vary.

Certified Results

Results are sent through a HIPAA compliant software to a CLIA certified lab with a certificate of negative status.

Event & Business Testing Contact:

Phone: (512) 806-6801
For PCR Results: Marquis Labs (405) 445-6001